Why No Sponsored Posts?

It is tough to turn down free stuff, isn’t it?

Although free products and services can be a perk for those who blog, I always feel a little uneasy when I read a sponsored post.  I mean, is the product really that good, or are you just saying that because someone gave it to you for free or paid you to use it and write about it?  I think most of the time it is all legit, but it still feels like a commercial to me.  And I hate commercials – just ask my family – I always turn the channel as soon as one shows up.  (Except for the awesome camel commercials.  Love those.)

To be completely honest, I usually don’t read sponsored posts, except for a few rare bloggers whose writing I just love to read – even if they are writing about their grocery list.

I don’t blame anyone for agreeing to post a review about free product received or accepting a sponsored post gig.  I have just decided to draw a line in the sand right from the start and say “I won’t go there.”   It’s a bonus of working for yourself – it takes about 2 seconds to make a company policy.  (It kind of makes up for the crappy start-up pay.)

So, rest assured that if you read a review on my blog, it is because I truly use and recommend the product or service and it works well for me.  No strings attached!

Bonus – instead of doing sponsored posts or reviewing for products, I will ask interested parties to do a give away instead – so YOU get a chance to enjoy some free stuff!  Yay for free stuff!  Someone might as well get it, right?

Don’t worry – this is a for-profit business, so I have other ways to make money.  For more on that, please read my disclosure policy.

Credit Where Credit is Due

I want to thank John and Sherry for taking the time to write this post about not doing sponsored posts.  I came across it when I was researching before starting this blog, and clearly it resonated with me.  Check it out if you want to read a more eloquent explanation than I am providing here.