The BIG Spring Clean: Recap 2014

I am sure this will not surprise anyone, but I am a project driven person.  I tend to cross something off my list and race on to the next thing.

In an effort to step back and appreciate (or even recognize) the progress, I am recapping my BIG Spring Clean with links to the related posts and an update for a few tasks that I did not post about (at least yet).

Organizing Homemade Cleaners |

I started off my getting my homemade cleaning supplies in order, making sure I had one of each on each level of the house and labeling them (task 1) so I am not the only one who knows which one is which.  This turned out to be a great task, because I have not had one person ask me about the cleaners and they are getting used.  I have appreciated having everything I need on each level, too.

Laundry Room Cleanup |www.countingwillows.comTask #2 was to clean out the laundry room cupboards.  Ever since I started blogging and working on more home projects again, I needed to rethink where I stored project tools and supplies.  This clean up solved my ‘just put it on the counter and worry about it later’ tendancy, now that everything has its place.  A quick clean and purge in the utility room also helped make room for project materials.

Tasks 4, 5 and 17 involved cleaning the vents and doors and baseboard trim (tasks 5 & 17) as well as touching up the paint on the outdoor trim (task 4).  Not a ton of fun, but it feels good to have it done and it helps keep a few things off of our Spring Project List.

Tasks 3, 7 and 9 were of the organizing sort.  I cleaned up, sorted and organized the kids’ desk area and art supplies (task 3).  I also did my semi-annual cleaning of the linen closet (task 7), tossing old medications and noting what we need for the upcoming season like bandages, Neosporin, peroxide and poison ivy relief.  In the fall I will repeat, but focus on cold and flu season aides like cough drops, batteries for the thermometer and achy stomach and sore throat fixes (task 7).

Painting the Basement |

Finally, I breezed through the bar in the basement (task 9).  I originally planned to make it a bigger purge, but with the graduation party coming in a few short weeks and my project storage solved by cleaning out the utility and laundry rooms, I just tidied it up a bit.  It did not really warrant a post on its own, but I did get rid of a damaged Crock Pot, a couple of Christmas platters and a plastic storage container.  I gathered up all the paper plates, bowls and disposable cups and organized those so we can find what we need.  I also took inventory of what we have, so I can plan what we need to purchase for the party.

Cleaning the Kitchen Cupboards |

In the kitchen, I tackled tasks 6 and 8.  I went through all of our drawers and cupboards (task 8), cleaning out crumbs, purging where necessary and reorganizing as I went.  I also washed the kitchen cupboards (task 6) – a task that I actually look forward to because it makes the kitchen feel so fresh and clean.

All the appliances received a good cleaning (task 10), thanks to some cycle cleaning (dishwasher and washing machine) and overall cleaning (microwave, refrigerator and oven).  I also completed the dreaded task of scrubbing out all the trash cans (task 12).  I had never done the cycle cleaning before, but I walked away a big believer in it for both the dishwasher and the washing machine.  I hate cleaning the trash cans, but it is always nice to have it done.

The windows were cleaned and the screens were put in for the summer (task 13).  I also prepared the plants for a new season by dusting the leaves and filling the soil in the house plants, as well as cleaning out the outdoor planters to get ready for planting annuals later this month (tasks 11 and 15).  I love both of these tasks because they are a sign that spring is here and summer is coming!

There are three tasks that I decided to move over to the Spring Project List -

  1. washing the windows from the outside (task 14) – for this task, it seemed to make more sense to wait until closer to the party.  It is easy to touch up smears on the inside, not as easy on the outside.
  2. power washing the outdoor spaces (task 16) and - again, Steve talked me into holding off until closer to the party so everything looked its freshest for the party; we added it to the Spring Project list – under both the Front Yard and the Back Yard, although hopefully we can do it all in one day.
  3. cleaning the garage (task 18) - we have worked quite a bit on this (and yes, there have been nashing of the teeth), but still have some tasks to complete.  It was big enough to warrant Spring Project status, so we have moved it (and its various steps) over to that list.

I hope that you were able to follow along.  If you missed it, feel free to go back over the posts – it’s never too late!

Here is the final list with links to each task:

  1. Label and organize our cleaning supplies (I will also post the recipes to my homemade cleaners)
  2. Clean out the laundry room cupboards (where all our project and cleaning supplies live)
  3. Clean out the kids desk/art supply drawers and storage
  4. Touch up the paint on the wood trim on the exterior of the house (weather permitting)
  5. Clean all the baseboards and doors
  6. Wash the kitchen cupboards
  7. Clean out the linen closet
  8. Go through the kitchen cupboards to purge & straighten up
  9. Clean out the bar and make better use of the storage
    – no link to a post, but see update above
  10. Clean the appliances – dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine
  11. Clean the plants, trim away excess, top off soil
  12. Scrub the trash cans throughout the house
  13. Clean the windows inside and install the screens
  14. Clean the windows from the outside - moved to Spring Project List
  15. Clean out the planters outside and get them ready for annual plantings in May
  16. Powerwash outdoor spaces - moved to Spring Project List
  17. Vacuum vents, cold air returns and under the refrigerator
  18. Clean the garage (honestly, this is a massive job that will likely involve much weeping and nashing of teeth, so expect several posts on this process) – moved to Spring Project List

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