The BIG Spring Clean: Outside Trim Touchups

This weekend we had nice weather on Friday and Saturday, so I was able to make headway on the BIG Spring Clean tasks that require warmer weather.

The BIG Spring Clean |

One of those tasks in my annual touch-up of the small area of our house that actually requires paint.

When we built our house, my husband was determined not to have any (any!) area that needed to be painted or stained because he dreaded the upkeep.  Therefore, nearly all of our house is brick, with some vinyl fascia to trim around where the brick meets the roof.  We also have a bit of vinyl on a bathroom bump out for the master bathroom.

When he started trying to figure out how to wrap the trim around the front door and garage in vinyl I had to pull him away from the ledge.  I mean, really, I can paint trim from time to time.  It takes me more time to wash everything down than to actually touch up.

What am I touching up?  Well, usually dings or scrapes where something hits the wood .

The BIG Spring Clean:  Touching Up House Trim |www.countingwillows.comI am not quite sure what happened here; this is actually the trim above the garage door.

unpainted-house-trim-spots-on-garageThis is the trim on the side of the garage, near the door.  We also have trim to touch up around the front door, as well as the columns on the front stoop.

The BIG Spring Clean |

I start by hosing everything down.  It was sunny and breezy, but not super warm, by 10 am or so I had washed the garage doors and trim, using dishsoap and water in a bucket and our cash washing brush.  Oh, the dirt!  I rinsed it all with our garden hose.  It already looked better.

The BIG Spring Clean |

The front door has transoms around it, so I did not want to use our hose to rinse that area down.  We have pretty hard water when it is not softened, and those spots can be hard to get off the glass!  Instead, I filled a bucket with (softened) water from inside and a squirt of Dr. Bronner’s soap with is really gentle and rinses off without residue.  I gently cleaned off the dirt and marks on the storm door and trim around the door and rinsed it all with a warm bucket of water and a fresh sponge.

The BIG Spring Clean |

After that, I just touch it up with my favorite paint brush and some outdoor paint I have been using for years.  We keep it in the basement so it does not get too cold or warm (like it would in the garage).

The BIG Spring Clean |

All done and ready for some fun summer plantings (and a good sweep once it finally stops raining)!  I am almost done with my spring cleaning list.

Fear not, there is a Prepare for Graduation Open House list coming soon!

Here is my list, with links to what I have completed so far.

  1. Label and organize our cleaning supplies (I will also post the recipes to my homemade cleaners)
  2. Clean out the laundry room cupboards (where all our project and cleaning supplies live)
  3. Clean out the kids desk/art supply drawers and storage
  4. Touch up the paint on the wood trim on the exterior of the house (weather permitting)
  5. Clean all the baseboards and doors
  6. Wash the kitchen cupboards
  7. Clean out the linen closet
  8. Go through the kitchen cupboards to purge & straighten up
  9. Clean out the bar and make better use of the storage
  10. Clean the appliances – dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, microwave, washing machine
  11. Clean the plants, trim away excess, top off soil
  12. Scrub the trash cans throughout the house
  13. Clean the windows inside and install the screens
  14. Clean the windows from the outside
  15. Clean out the planters outside and get them ready for annual plantings in May
  16. Powerwash outdoor spaces
  17. Vacuum vents, cold air returns and under the refrigerator
  18. Clean the garage (honestly, this is a massive job that will likely involve much weeping and nashing of teeth, so expect several posts on this process)

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