Stop Rushing – How to Arrive Calm and On Time

I recently shared how I gained some perspective on rushing around to kids’ activities.

At the end of that post, I promised that I would be back to share my strategy on arriving calm and on time.

How to Arrive Calm and On Time |

It is embarrassingly simple, but life changing for me just the same.

The answer for me:  STOP trying to do just one more thing before I leave the house.

Let’s start with some background.  I suspect we are a bit a like, so tell me if any of this sounds familiar.

I am a mom.  I have four kids, clients I serve as a CPA, a blog I am working to build, a house, pets, and everything that comes with a busy life.  My to do list is really long, and I love to cross things off of my list.  I have learned to take advantage of those 2 minutes here and there to get just one more thing done.

Usually, this is a pretty smart strategy.  It generally keeps me off random internet distractions and makes me focus on getting just a little bit more done with my spare time while I am waiting for Will to find his shoes or Max to grab his hat or Steve to finish his coffee so we can leave.  I can sneak in a quick sweep of the floor, wipe down the counters, put the dishes in the dishwasher or change a load of laundry in that time.

But, after one too many rushed van rides to (name your event here), I realized that I was letting this push to get just one more thing done push me into rushing all. the. time.

I was being my own worst enemy.  All of the satisfaction that I was getting from crossing one more item off of my to-do list was lost (and then some) when I was racing to get somewhere just a few minutes just under the wire.

So I made a pact with myself.  To stop the madness.  To be done.  To say enough.

Now I do what I need to do, but I STOP whatever I am doing with enough time to herd everyone (without ranting about being late or being slow) out the door with time to spare.

I have been doing this for two months now.  And the result?

Ahhhh.  Blessed peace.

It feels great!  Did you know that movie theatres have the lights ON before a movie starts? Wow – it is so much easier to find our seats and go back for a snack, rather than falling all over myself in the dark trying to get to an open seat with my coat, food, drinks and kids in tow.

Church is lovely and quiet a few minutes before service starts.  Who knew?  It is very restful and nourishing to the soul.

When I miss a turn heading to a client, I am not panicked at the idea of being late; I have that time built in to turn around and get there.

When I am early, I use my phone to check in on my email, check a blog post or play Words with Friends.  Sometimes I even just sit still and enjoy the calm for a minute before the next activity begins.

Cue the bright lights and angels singing.

How to Arrive Calm and On Time |

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