Spring Project List – Final Update – The Garage

I am excited to share this final Spring Project List update!

Steve and I wrote down this list 5 weeks ago as we looked ahead to our oldest, Chandler’s graduation party.  We knew what we wanted to complete and we set out to get it done before the party.

Some things (not on the list) I had done or started last fall, and I am sure glad I did, because we were plenty busy moving at a full pace tackling these items this spring.

As you probably know from making your own lists, these sorts of lists tend to evolve and some things get added, some things get delayed and some things get removed completely.

Let’s go through the list and see what we accomplished, what we still want to accomplish down the road and what we have decided we can live without.

Since each area is going to take some time and pictures, I decided to do one post per area.  Today we will cover the garage.

THE GARAGE – Original List

  1. sort everything in the main part of the garage
  2. sell,trash , donate, repair and recycle anything we are not keeping
  3. finish painting the walls white (two small areas)
  4. give the cupboards another coat of white
  5. clean and organize the work bench
  6. repaint chalkboard on door to house
  7. take lawn mower in to be repaired
  8. vacuum cobwebs, clean sink and counter areas
  9. organize and put things away on shelves

There was no getting around the sorting and purging, so we tackled that in pieces.  First we sorted everything (1), then we made several trips to donate good, a few to sell goods, some to recycle electronics and such and, as a last resort, we used a dumpster bag to throw away what could not be salvaged another way (2).  Most of the things in the Bagster were from building the deck and clearing out the backyard, but a few things from the garage made it into the trash.  Finally, Steve cleaned and organized the workbench, which is the dumping ground for the entire garage (5).  There was wailing and nashing of teeth.  Steve and I did get into one argument about it.  In the end, things ended up organized and put away on the shelves (9).  It is finally done and we are so glad that it is!  Here are some before and after of the garage clean out.

Spring Project Update |www.countingwillows.com

Spring Project Update |www.countingwillows.comThe workbench area.

Spring Project Update |www.countingwillows.comThe shelving area – this is where we store the bulk of our toys, camping & fishing gear, yard supplies, coolers, project supplies (a side effect of DIY is the storage of supplies!) and hunting stuff.  Please ignore the trash on the left; as you can imagine we have quite a bit after our party.

Spring Project Update |www.countingwillows.com

This is the right side of the garage which holds some gardening supplies, extension cords, hoses and tools.

I painted the cupboards with a final coat of white (4) (a project I started last summer) and I repainted the chalkboard door (6) because some of the paint had been scratched off during the year.  Here is how the sink/door area looked before:

Spring Project Update |www.countingwillows.com

And After:

Spring Project Update |www.countingwillows.com

Shortly before the party, I completed (8) and swept, then vacuumed any cobwebs, dust and debris.  I also washed down the counters and sinks before the party.  It is always nice to have them clean!  They do get an extra special amount of grease and grime on them in the garage.  I mean, the garage will never be as pretty as the inside of a house, but at least it can be reasonably clean – especially if you are hosting a party in it!

We also took the lawn mower in to be repaired not once, but twice and it is still not back today.  The repair guy has had it for 2 weeks and cannot figure out what is wrong with it.  It is only 2 years old, so I hope we get it back in good working condition.  In the meantime, our wonderful neighbors has been letting us use their lawn mower – you know, instead of getting sheep to eat all that lawn.

Spring Project Update |www.countingwillows.com

Last summer, I painted all the shelving, walls (bare Sheetrock) and trim white for a cleaner look in the garage.  There were two spots that were too high for me to reach and we had planned for Steve to do those parts (3).  In the end, I guess it turned out that only I planned for Steve to do these parts, as Steve thought we should just skip it.  You can tell who the perfectionist is in the family.  I am not sure if it was an effort to compromise or simply a realization that I was too tired to worry about it, but we decided to just let it go.  I don’t think it is very noticeable, anyway.

Here are some shots of the garage during the party:

Grad Party Recap |www.countingwillows.com

Grad Party Recap |www.countingwillows.com

Grad Party Recap |www.countingwillows.com


Steve and I are THRILLED that the garage is so neat and organized.  I know it will probably not stay 100% this way, but now that things have a home, we have a much better shot of keeping things orderly.  The trick is to make time to put things back before it gets out of hand again.

Of course, once the garage is clean, who should come along but Bob (aka Chandler, the graduate).  “Hmmm – look at all this wonderful space!  How about if I park my giant truck right in the middle of it, start to fix it, decided to wait a few days and leave all of my tools laying all around in the meantime?”

Spring Project Update |www.countingwillows.com

If I laugh, I might be able to keep myself from crying, right?

Spring Project Update |www.countingwillows.com

Parenting definitely requires a sense of humor and some patience.  He’s lucky he is cute.


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