Spring Project List – Final Update – The Front Yard

I am excited to share this final Spring Project List update!

Steve and I wrote down this list 5 weeks ago as we looked ahead to our oldest, Chandler’s graduation party.  We knew what we wanted to complete and we set out to get it done before the party.

Some things (not on the list) I had done or started last fall, and I am sure glad I did, because we were plenty busy moving at a full pace tackling these items this spring.

As you probably know from making your own lists, these sorts of lists tend to evolve and some things get added, some things get delayed and some things get removed completely.

Let’s go through the list and see what we accomplished, what we still want to accomplish down the road and what we have decided we can live without.

Since each area is going to take some time and pictures, I decided to do one post per area.  Let’s chat about the front yard, shall we?  Most of it I could do myself, so we saw the quickest progress with the front yard and it propelled me during the longer projects.


  • refresh all the wood chips and mulched areas
  • replace the mailbox post and makeover the mailbox
  • plant annuals into pots, planters, paint 2 planters
  • aerate lawn, fertilize grass and re-seed where necessary 
  • buy hanging plants
  • power wash the driveway and sidewalk
  • pour concrete slab for trash and recycling cans (to the side of the garage)

Spring Project List - Final Update - The Front Yard |www.countingwillows.com

As part of my Big Spring Clean effort, I cleaned and touched up the trim around our garage and front doors.  I also cleaned out and prepared all of the outside planters for annuals when the weather warmed up.

Spring Project List - Final Update - The Front Yard |www.countingwillows.com

Chandler and I spent some quality time together – just us and about 7 yards of wood chips.  We freshened up all of the wood chips in the planting areas, both in the front and on the side yard under a couple of large pine trees near our garden.  Two years ago, we dug up all of the rock in our landscaping and replaced it with wood chips.  NOT a fun job, but I am so glad we did it!  Wood chips are much easier to maintain over time.


Spring Project List - Final Update - The Front Yard |www.countingwillows.com

Spring Project List - Final Update - The Front Yard |www.countingwillows.com

I also plumped up our cocoa bean mulch in the two planting beds on either side of the sidewalk.  We have mostly day lilies planted, but I usually fit a few annuals in one bed, near the front.  Day lilies are about as low maintenance as it gets!  They still are not in full bloom here, thanks to a very wet and cooler spring.

Spring Project List - Final Update - The Front Yard |www.countingwillows.com

The day before the party, we pressure washed the sidewalk and driveway.  It was crunch time, so I did not take any pictures.  Instead, let’s enjoy some photos of the hanging plants and annuals we planted.

I think the most exciting project on the front yard was the mailbox redo.  We installed a new post, but reused the mailbox itself (given new life with spray paint) and the reflective numbers.

Mailbox 2.0 |www.countingwillows.com

We also took care of mundane stuff like digging up the dead spots and reseeding, trimming bushes, edging the lawn and refreshing the wood chips around the trees.

Spring Project List - Final Update - The Front Yard |www.countingwillows.com

One thing I have not shared yet is our new and improved seating area.  We got rid of the old, falling apart wooden chairs and replaced them with chairs made from recycled milk jugs that will never rot, fade, crack or otherwise look disgusting.  So far, we love them!  Given that they can even sit out all winter without issue, I think a few more to go around the fire pit will be on my wish list come Christmas.

We never did aerate the lawn, given all the repair issues we have had with our lawn mower (it is STILL not back!), but we did fertilize it.  We also opted to just wait on the concrete slab for the trash and recycling cans that sit around the corner from the garage.  It is not a problem until it snows, so we will revisit in the fall and Steve can either put in some large outdoor tile pieces or hand mix and pour some concrete.

After all – now that the party is over, we are hanging out with our kids.  The are certainly keeping us busy!  This one lives to photo-bomb all photos, especially if they are for the blog.

Spring Project List - Final Update - The Front Yard |www.countingwillows.com


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