Spring Project List: Deadline June 7th

This handsome fellow is graduating from high school in June.


In my heart, he will always be 5 years old, but this is not a story about how I may or may not need to seek therapy over my child leaving home.  Nope!  This is a post about the looming project to-do list that Steve and I have made of things we want to get done before we have the graduation party on June 7th.

Now for a glimpse into my party planning approach.  I try to keep it simple, but I do find the benefit in having more than one list when preparing our house for a really big event.

The first list (the one here) is of major projects to accomplish by the party.

The second list is of projects to do FOR the party.  Things like: order open house invitations, address and mail them.  Or plan the food, drink, decor, etc.

Finally, there is a to-do list that leads up to the event, mostly the week of the party.  That would include things like run the glasses that hang over the bar through the dishwasher (to remove the dust and shine ‘em up), cleaning the house, shopping and preparation items for the food, setting up the decor, etc.

If I had all of those things on one list I think my head would blow right off my body.  That seems really overwhelming and while I do not want to forgot anything (which is why I write it down), I only want to be focused on what I can do now.  Sure, I can (and will) clean my toilet this week, but I will still have to do it again (several times, in fact) before we actually have the party. I don’t need to see that to do item until the week of the party, you know what I mean?

OK, without further ado – the list!


  • sort everything in the main part of the garage
  • sell,trash , donate, repair and recycle anything we are not keeping
  • finish painting the walls white (two small areas)
  • give the cupboards another coat of white
  • clean and organize the work bench
  • take lawn mower in to be repaired
  • vacuum cobwebs, clean sink and counter areas
  • organize and put things away on shelves


  • decide on color of railing (since last fall it has switched to special order, half the railings are done, half are not)
  • finish the brick piers (two were damaged over the winter)
  • install the L-shaped section of railing
  • lay down the moisture proof membrane
  • install the lights, door hardware
  • pour the deck floor (it will be concrete) and the floor in the room below (we are calling it the pool room for now)
  • install the remaining sections of railing
  • caulk around the windows
  • acid wash the brick and patio
  • paint inside pool room, the door and clean the windows
  • install siding on overhang part of deck
  • build stairs or a gate
  • decorate the deck and pool room (can we just skip to this part?!?!?!)


  • refresh all the wood chips and mulched areas
  • replace the mailbox post and makeover the mailbox
  • plant annuals into pots, planters
  • aerate lawn, fertilize grass and re-seed where necessary
  • buy hanging plants
  • power wash the driveway and sidewalk
  • pour concrete slab for trash and recycling cans (to the side of the garage)


  • refresh all the wood chips and mulched areas
  • plant annuals in pots, planters
  • hose down and clean up kids’ play area
  • open the pool (and clean it) for the year
  • build enough of a deck around the pool to meet city code
  • install new patio door in basement
  • fertilize grass and re-seed where necessary


  • repaint the basement living area, bar and hallway
  • repaint to wallpaper along both sets of stairs
  • finish kitchen island
  • repaint kitchen stools and basement ottoman legs, seal with wax
  • redecorate down the hallway in the basement
  • clean the fireplace and fill wood holder with wood

We have started on the list, but still have a lot, lot to do.  And with family birthday gatherings, baseball, soccer and graduation activities, we are fighting a tight schedule.  Wish us luck!

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