Potted Plant Upgrade (Liquid Gilding)

How about a quick project today?  You know, because one cannot redo a play table or Bear Chair every single day of the week.

We have had this (fake) potted plant for years.  It was fine, but I felt just blah for a number of years.  As I edit out our belongings, I really am working towards having only things we love and find beautiful, fun or functional in our house.  I am also working to have things that I have personalized myself.

I don’t have a photo of it, but the original version was shabby chic, a distressed white finish over a terracotta planter.  Very predictable, which is probably why I bought it and then why I grew to not love it.  Still, it was perfectly good filler and I was reluctant to let it go.  I promised myself I would do something cool with it.  Someday.

Chunky Shelves |www.countingwillows.com

When I was hunting for things to style my new shelving, I knew the time had come to improve on the basic fake plant in a pot.

I started by using painters tape and plastic wrap to cover the fake plant, which actually is not a bad fake.  Once it was protected, I sprayed two coasts of glossy white spray paint, making sure to cover the entire pot.

Liquid Gilding on Pot |www.countingwillows.com

At this point I was doubting myself because it still looked kind of lame, but that never stopped me before, so I bought some liquid gilding at Michael’s (thank you, 40% off coupon).  I considered a design like this, but in the end I wanted something more free-form and fun.  So, I just took a deep breath and started painting in straight-ish lines around the pot.

Liquid Gilding on Pot |www.countingwillows.com

Here are a few tips.  The gilding stinks – consider a more ventilated space than on the living room couch with your family watching a movie.  Not that I did that.  Also, the narrower the line, the less I liked it.  For the gold to really shine, it needed a bit of substance.  Finally, a softer paint brush worked best (like a craft paint brush).  I literally just plucked one out of my kids’ painting supplies.  I am a true artist like that.

Liquid Gilding on Pot |www.countingwillows.com

I am so glad I got over myself and gave it a try – I love it!  I kind of reminds me of a golden zebra.  It is fun and a little funky and a great addition to the shelving.

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