PINNED: DIY African Juju Hat

PINNED is a series about actually attempting the things I pin.  What?  Actually doing those things?  I know, it is crazy, but I really hate clutter in my life and that includes pins that I am not using.  So, when the creative mood strikes, I scour my pinterest boards and try to knock something off the list.  I share the good, the bad and the ugly of how my attempt goes with you here.

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Photocredit: Used with permission.

When I first saw the African juju hat post during Makley School for Girls Knocktober Fest series, I was in love. I mean, how beautiful is that is that thing?  Gorgeous.  I had to make one.

Marianne has a great tutorial on how to make the hat, so head over there to see the project and please pin from, since Marianne is the creator of this project.

I will add my two cents on how the project went for me.

 I did love Marianne’s large tan feathers, but I wanted to keep my project lower cost, so I opted for the white hat.  As Marianne suggested, I purchased my feathers from AliExpress. There are so. many. feather options!  I bought one lot of 10 yards of strung feathers.  I can personally vouch that these are real feathers, as I sneezed the whole time I worked with them.  Ha!

I found Marianne’s suggestion on making a ‘wall’ of feathers on the second row to be very helpful.  I used her tip to push the ends into the glue with scissors to help the feathers stand up a bit.

I also appreciated the tip on not using all of your feathers to make the rows, as it is inevitable that you will have some bare spots due to the way the feathers end up resting. Using the spares to fill in the gaps worked like a charm!

To fill spots in, I found it worked best to use just a few feathers at a time, add hot glue to the end of the feathers, then tuck the feathers into the bare spot and hold until the glue set.  I just kept repeating this until it looked full and lovely!

This project was super easy.  I would say the hardest parts were waiting for the feathers to arrive from China and nursing the impressive blister I received from the hot glue gun when I was distracted by a phone call.

Having kids around endlessly due to school closing made it hard to find time for this project.  In the end, I just did it with everyone home and it was not too bad.  I just sat and glued, so I could do this in the kitchen and still chat with everyone.

Here are some shots of how my hat turned out.  PLEASE go to to pin from the source for this project.  Thank you!

Please Pin from - thanks!

Please Pin from - thanks!

Thanks for the fantastic inspiration, Marianne!  I love how mine turned out!

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