Painting the Basement

There once was a girl named Michelle
She painted everything yellow and thought it was swell.
The yellow grew old,
She wanted something less bold.
So she painted it all much lighter, as you can tell.


Clearly I do not have much of a future as a poet.  I do, however, have a much more crisp and clean looking basement, thanks to a couple of coats of paint!

Sometime more than a decade ago (where does the time go?) I found a paint color that I loved – Buckskin Pony by Valspar.  I painted my kitchen and dining room that color, went a bit lighter on the same color strip for our den and went one and two shades darker for our basement areas.  What was I thinking?  I did love it for a long time, but man, once I started to really look at it, I realized that it was too. much. mustard. color.

Painting the Basement |

Painting the Basement |

Painting the Basement |

My recent house refresh probably started with our half bath about 2 years ago.  I was still working outside the home full-time, so I really did not have much time to think about redecorating, but once I was back home last spring, I started to consider adding some decorating projects to my plate.  I tackled the kitchen, dining room and den last spring and summer.

Living Room Progress |

Next, in January, I tackled the living room – going lighter and adding some calm, subtle curtains and just basically taking a deep breath.  I knew I wanted to infuse that same sense of calm and light into our basement space.

With Chandler’s looming graduation party and a lovely six-day-straight-rain-storm, I bit the bullet and painted the basement.  Of course, it got worse before it got better.

Painting the Basement |

Part of my thought with the mustard was to include and blend with all of the honey oak tones in our house.  Luckily though, decorating evolves over time, and I realized that I wanted a more calm effect, even if the honey oak would stand out more.  In the end, it has not been hard to work with the oak, even though if I could do it all over I would probably either go dark or white with the woodwork in the house.

Painting the Basement |www.countingwillows.comActually, the basement is one area that really benefits from the warmth of all the wood.  I think that, combined with the taller than normal ceilings, helps our basement feel open and bright, even though we only have a patio door for natural light in the space.

Painting the Basement |

We painted the basement China Doll (Emerald paint, satin sheen) by Sherwin Williams, thanks to my friend Julie who suggested it after her mom used it in her basement.  It is a great neutral – not really tan, not really grey, but not white.  That is the best way I can describe it.  I do prefer it a bit more in natural light than at night with the lights on, but overall I am very happy with it!

Painting the Basement |

Although it is a wide, open space, there is not as much to paint as you might think, thanks to a large wooden (honey oak, of course) entertainment center and a brick and wood wall.  The bar takes up some space, too, with wood siding above and stone below.  The wood wall (above) needs a few more things added to it, so that is on my fun things to do list.

Painting the Basement |

I really just put most things back where they were, not wanting to tackle an entire room redecoration project.  In general, I like everything that is down there.  I recently cleaned out all the games and reorganized the entertainment drawers and shelves.

Painting the Basement |

We put the safe in over the holidays (you can see it on the right side of the photo two pictures up), so we had a few things displaced from that and things that needed to be hung on the wall, so we took care of those things, too.

Painting the Basement |

One space I do want to redecorate is down the hallway.  This leads to both teenager’s rooms, the bathroom and the utility room.  Right now it looks like the most boring apartment hallway – with the neutral colors and all the doors.  Ack!  When I painted, I took down the frames that were on these walls and I have not decided if or how I might reuse them.  But, never fear – I have tapped into my Pinterest boards and found a few projects to brighten the space up (the first one is coming to you on Friday!).

Painting the Basement |www.countingwillows.comThe teenagers tend to reign in this space more than us adults, so it was kind of fun to be down here and go through things again.  My husband, Steve, is a volunteer fire fighter (for almost 20 years!), so this basement has a lot of fire fighter items, as well as some sports, games and patriotic flair.  I found this fire hydrant (it is real) while on a girls’ weekend many years ago.

Painting the Basement |www.countingwillows.comWe love this fire exit guy over the patio doors.

Painting the Basement |www.countingwillows.comMost of the things for the bar area were saved over our years dating and early in our marriage.  True story – once the bar was finished, we were able to just unpack everything in it.  We did not even have to shop for hardly any of it!  Hoard much?  Other than cleaning the hanging glasses, this area is all party ready.

Painting the Basement |

My son, Chandler, won this several years ago (maybe 9 or 10 years?) from Cristian Guzmán at a Kids’ Day with the Minnesota Twins.  My mother-in-law is a HUGE Twins fan, and she was there too, when he walked onto the field.  Guzmán took off his actual jersey, signed it and gave it to Chandler.  Super cool!  It covers our electrical outlet, so yay for double duty!  Chandler recently wore it to a Twins game and it was weird to see him fill it out so well.  As a side note, Steve thinks this wall is a little bare, and he is right, so I may try to find a few more things for it.

I will do a basement House Tour post once I finish some of the smaller wall projects down that I want to get done before the party.  Until then – here is a side by side.  Of course, one is at night (with the lights on) and one is during the day (no lights), so there is that, but you can get the idea.

Painting the Basement |www.countingwillows.comAre you painting?  It is a project, right??



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