It’s Curtains! (Finally)

We last we visited the living room, I had finally gotten over myself and started hanging things on the wall, but I had not taken the curtain plunge just yet.

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Well, after much deliberating, some measuring, some ordering of fabric, some re-measuring, and some ordering of more fabric (oops), we have curtains!  Yay for curtains!

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I am so excited, because they really do finish off the room.   The curtains take it from that ‘pretty, but somewhat unfinished feel’ to ‘it feels like home’.

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After trying out a few test swatches of fabric, I could not find what I was looking for in the local fabric stores (but, I did get some great pillows out of the deal).  I turned to online sources and found what I was looking for at Online Fabric Store.   After ordering a few samples, just to make sure the tone was right, I picked Oh Gee Storm, which had the perfect is it grey or is it taupe look that works with both the fireplace and the walls.  Plus, the stitching detail (the design) was a true white, not cream, which had caused most of my other samples to get the ax.

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We have blinds on the windows, so I knew I wanted decorative drapes, not closable ones.  To keep the look clean, I chose two small rods to hold the curtains on the larger window.

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The two rods would have looked cramped with two different rods, so I just spray painted the old rod to match the new ones and put that back up.

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I let the curtain rods (or the hardware on the smaller window) dictate how much of the window the panels cover.  Because I did not want to darken the room more than necessary (we have the blinds for that), I did not line the panels.  To make the panels, I simply hemmed the sides, hemmed the top and folded the top over on itself to make a large pocket for the rod.  I matched the bottom hem to the top pocket, so there was a bit more substance to the bottom of the panels.

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After so much time with bare windows, it was kind of a shock to see them all dressed up again.  But, after about 48 hours, I was used to them and I love how they look!   The stitching gives it a graphic edge that is subtle enough to go with the clean, fresh feeling we want in this room.

For now, they are just fine hanging free.  I could see where it might be nice to tie them back a bit on windy days when we have the windows open (more likely in the summer), so I am putting ‘make some ties for the living room curtains’ on my project list.  I like having little (hopefully simple) projects to choose from when I want the satisfaction of completing a project without the all out mess of a big project.

So, I think I will pop onto the couch, put my feet up and enjoy the curtains – and another completed project (that only took about 3 months to finish, but whatever, it’s done)!

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