Fun Way to Give Money as a Gift

OK, guys – I double dog dare you not to get this song stuck in your head…

Remember the oldie “It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry if I want to  …you would cry too, if it happened to you!” ?

Well, that song is the basis of this gift idea, except with a twist!

Max and I were talking about what to get one of his best friends, Carter, for his birthday and Max insisted that Carter wanted cash.  Completely understandable at this age (10 going on 30) and frankly, easy for me, too.  But, since Carter is such a great friend to Max, I really wanted the gift to seem special and not just – “hey. ‘sup?   happy birthday and all – here’s some cash”.

It is kind of a dilemma, right?  Cash is great – the color is perfect and the size is just right – ha ha.  Still, you want the person you are giving it to feel special and loved and well, like it is a gift, especially when you are giving it at a birthday party with your buddies in attendance.   Max made a suggestion, and I ran with it, and I think that together we came up with a great idea!  Carter loved it and it sounds like all the boys at the party that it was neat-o.  {I have no idea why I embarrass my kids…}

With graduations right around the corner, I thought this ideas was one that everyone can use!

Fun Way to Give Cash |

Isn’t it fun?!

Fun Way to Give Cash |

I received a bit of balloon education in doing this project, so let me share the process a bit.

Fun Way to Give Cash |

First, I cut the letters out of vinyl with my Silhouette machine in Doctor Soos font.  I just used up some fun colored scraps of vinyl and coordinated the balloons and ribbon to those colors.  Note, I realize that not everyone has a Silhouette (or similar) machine, but you could do this with stickers, too, although if you have trouble getting them to stick you might want to try a bit of Mod Podge. 

Fun Way to Give Cash |

Next, I gathered up some cold, hard cash.  In our area, $25 is about standard for a best buddy birthday gift – but you could do any amount at all or even a ticket or small paper items.  I had 5 – $5 bills.  Armed with my moula, I headed to Party City (just the closest balloon store, man).

The fine folks at the balloon counter informed me that I am NOT the first person to come up with the brilliant idea of putting something in a balloon and they have clear balloons for just that purpose.  They also told me that each balloon can hold up to 3 dollar bills before the weight gets to be too much for the balloon to stay up in the air.  Surprising, but I was glad someone before me had clearly done their research.  I picked out two clear balloons and one yellow balloon.  They filled the balloon a bit to stretch it, then held it open while I put a rolled up bill into the balloon.  I put 2 in one balloon and 3 in the other.  Then we picked out coordinating ribbons and that was it!

Fun Way to Give Cash |

Once I was home, I used the transfer paper to gently rub the vinyl onto the balloon.  The transfer stuck to the balloon a little more than it usually does to other surfaces, but I just took my time and it all went pretty quickly.  About 2 minutes later – we had our balloon bouquet and were ready for the party!

Fun Way to Give Cash |

The balloons cost me just under $5 and I already had the weight, I did not have to pay for that, but I believe they run about $1.50 each.

The cost after that depends on how much money you put into the balloon(s).

Fun Way to Give Cash |

Max approved, and let me tell you, it is not always easy to impress a ten-year-old.

Just be careful – this is one balloon that you do NOT want to accidentally let go!


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