Time At Rest


Wow - it has been a while since I posted anything. Truth be told, I am going through a strange period in my life.  Other than when I had newborn babies (a project unto themselves), I have never been so quiet with regards to projects. But, I … [Read more...]

Happy 4th of July!


To my fellow Americans out there:  Happy 4th of July! Just like my family and my house, my nation is not nearly perfect. Even so, I am grateful for those who dared to dream of one nation, under God and gave their very lives to make a better … [Read more...]

How Do You Find the Energy?


"How do you find the time to do all that you do?" "Where do you get the energy to do all you do?" I know we just plowed through an enormous spring project list, but honestly, I get asked these questions all the time by all sorts of people.  … [Read more...]

One Week After


This past Saturday was one week past the big party. As is usually the case with these larger events (which always seem to be started off with a big push on house projects), by the time the event is over I am way more tired than I even realize I … [Read more...]

Grad Party Recap!

Grad Party Recap |www.countingwillows.com

Here it is - the grad party recap! We had the best time and everything went well, so all of the planning and project work really paid off. It rained all that morning and part of the afternoon that day.  It had stopped by about 2:00 and the … [Read more...]

Change is Good


We survived the grad party!  Not only did we survive it, but it was a wonderful day and a wonderful party and our entire family was blessed by the friends and family we have in our lives. I will get a full recap up as soon as I can, but life is … [Read more...]