Grad Party Recap!

Grad Party Recap |

Here it is - the grad party recap! We had the best time and everything went well, so all of the planning and project work really paid off. It rained all that morning and part of the afternoon that day.  It had stopped by about 2:00 and the … [Read more...]

Change is Good


We survived the grad party!  Not only did we survive it, but it was a wonderful day and a wonderful party and our entire family was blessed by the friends and family we have in our lives. I will get a full recap up as soon as I can, but life is … [Read more...]

Baxter the Cat


Hello!  I am in mad party prep mode, so I am sharing an older post about our delightful (bacon-loving) cat, Baxter. We have this delightful cat, Baxter. In 2003 I was massively pregnant with our third child and I specifically remember that … [Read more...]

Spring Project List Update #4

Spring Project Update #4 |

Four weeks ago I shared a very ambitious project list to complete before Chandler's graduation party on June 7th.  I am updating each Friday until the party. We are just over 1 week out and in the home stretch.  I am not sure what I will do with … [Read more...]