The Adventures of Baxter the Cat – The Bacon Edition

BaxterBacon4We have this delightful cat, Baxter.  In 2003 I was massively pregnant with our third child and I specifically remember that we were headed out to the local apple orchard for a family outing.  I remember it so well because I was determined to go on the bumpy wagon ride in the hopes that labor would be induced.  Alas, labor had to wait for another week or so, but the day is still memorable because our cat at the time, Chester ran outside as we were getting ready to leave and we could not get him back.  He never returned, so that was the last time we saw Chester the Cat.

Our oldest child, Chandler, was 7 1/2 at the time.  He loved Chester (or so we thought, until it took him 2 weeks to even notice he was gone) and was sad when  he (eventually) realized he was missing.  Chester did not have his claws and never went outside – it was weird that he bolted out the door like that at all.  As fall turned to winter, it became obvious that Chester was not going to return home.

Chandler really wanted a cat (again, once he actually realized he no longer had one) and since we needed a good Christmas present, we encouraged Santa to bring a gift certificate for our local Humane Society.

When we went to redeem our gift certificate from Santa, this sweet, petite, vocal cat was sneezing in the sick kitty section.  It turns out he just had a kitty cold and was on the mend.  He was a sweet and social cat, and so Baxter the Cat came to reside in the Schahn household.

We now know that Baxter is a Maine Coon, a breed well known for being both vocal and very large.  I think he gained about 10 pounds in the first two months with us.  Any time his food bowl is empty, we hear about it.  Any time his litter needs to be scooped, we hear about it.  Anytime he is crabby because we have been gone too long, we hear about it.  We hear about it during the day, we hear about it at night.  Did I mention he is vocal?  The sad thing is I think I can actually understand which thing he is complaining about depending on his meow and how loud it is.

Baxter loves to hate our Border Collie, Mindi, who is determined to herd, well a cat, and gives it her best shot at least daily.

BaxterBookshelf1Baxter is a typical cat – anytime there is an open space, he has to check it out.  Here he is on the bookshelf next to my desk.

BaxterBookshelf2And here is Mindi – Mindi is very concerned that Baxter is somewhere he should not be and feels it is her duty to herd him off the bookshelf.  Baxter is not a fan of that plan.

Baxter is about as demanding as ever when there is food around.  All meat is fair game, but he has a special love for bacon.  I daresay he feels entitled to some bacon when it made in our house.

BaxterBacon6Do I smell bacon cooking?  Well, I will just wait here to be served.  It is what all the children do, afterall.BaxterBacon2

I am not going to wait all day for some of this bacon, you know.

BaxterBacon1Seriously – get to the bacon.

BaxterBacon3Hmmm – there is the bacon.  I wonder if I can grab it and scat quickly enough?

BaxterBacon4Aren’t I cute?

BaxterBacon5Alright, no more Mr. Niceguy.

I did end up giving Baxter his bacon – we break it into tiny pieces so he does not get sick from it.  Apparently the petite portions were not acceptable, because I had to turn out of the room to settle a fight, find a sock or some take care of some other motherly task and when I came back in the plate was empty and the cat and the bacon were gone.

Baxter strikes again.

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