Have you ever seen a willow tree that has been cut straight across the bottom?  That makes me so sad!  All the beautiful flowing branches are gone.  It reminds me not to add so much order that life becomes forced.  I want the order we add to make our lives easier - but never rigid and limiting.

Counting Willows is where I share my projects, photos, recipes, stories and life’s crazy moments.  It is a hybrid decorating/organizing/lifestyle blog, because life is about more than one topic.


Because I am a CPA who loves pretty spaces and organization, I enjoy adding order to our lives.  But not so much that it takes the fun out of life…


Because I love willow trees.  Despite being a messy “pig of a tree” as my husband refers to them – they are stunningly beautiful and so worth the mess.  Just like life.

My husband, Steve, and I have four kids (currently 18, 16, 10, 7), a dog and a cat.  Steve works in sales and I offer freelance writing and CPA services around the kid’s school schedule.  Our life is kind of messy a lot of the time.  But also beautiful, and very, very worth it.

COUNTING WILLOWS documents my journey – trying to add enough order and organization to make life run more smoothly and be more enjoyable, without squashing the fun, spontaneous, precious moments that will be gone before I know it.

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