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Long shots can be said to be a great fun of this game. It's very refreshing to get the ball, take two steps, and make a violent long shot that is powerful and shocking. If you enter, you will even jump up from the stool with excitement for a "cha cha": I will go to my inner pocket to go to cha cha! After a violent kick into the net, the joyous Yangko is not an exaggeration.

远射可以说是这款游戏的一大乐趣。接球,迈出两步并进行有力且令人震惊的猛烈远射令人耳目一新。如果您进入,您甚至会激动地从凳子上跳起来,开始“ cha cha”:我会去我的内兜去cha cha!经过猛烈的踢入网后,欢喜的秧歌一点也不夸张。

About shooting and long shots:


I want to discuss this shooting and long shooting together. Let's take a look at the official definition.


Shooting: Affects the accuracy of the player's shooting in the penalty area


Long shots: Affect the accuracy of the player's shooting outside the penalty area


Both of these have an impact on the accuracy and accuracy of the shooting. The penalty area depends on the shooting technique. The long shot outside the penalty area depends on the level of the long shot attribute. This is what many people ask me, some midfielders Why is the goal rate of the long shots inserted by the team is quite high? Their shooting skills are not high. This is what I said above. The long shots outside the penalty area have nothing to do with the shooting level, but are related to the long shot attributes. The long-range attributes mentioned above are all very high. Of course, the official explanation of the AI ​​for heavy gunners is that they often shoot long distances, which is more useful for managers.


These two attributes of the striker are definitely best to have at the same time, so that the threat of the striker is big enough! In the midfield, there is less access to the penalty area, and the low shooting point is so low that it has little effect, and the long shot is high.


Shooting power, as the name suggests, is the size of the shooting power. The bigger the better. The shooting power is strong enough. Sometimes the goalkeeper can't stop him from entering the net when he touches the ball. Especially for some goalkeepers with low hand control, if your shooting player has a strong shooting power, the goal with low hand control will appear to touch the ball or not be able to block it.


Of course, in addition to the CD violent volley of the heavy gunners, the long-range shot can also be ZD rubbed. If your player has the concealment of a "scrubbing master", personally recommend the use of rubbing for your long-range shooting. For example, Ronaldinho and Henry are both top rubbing masters. And Drogba, Robert Carlos and other violent players take the ball and shoot the CD directly and it's over!

当然,除了重型机枪手的CD暴力抽射外,远程射击也可以ZD擦拭。如果您的播放器隐瞒了“摩擦大师”,则个人建议您在远距离射击时使用摩擦。例如,罗纳尔迪尼奥(Ronaldinho)和亨利(Henry)都是顶尖的摩擦大师。德罗巴(Drogba),罗伯特·卡洛斯(Robert Carlos)和其他暴力球员接球直接射击CD,比赛结束了!

The heavy gunners are ready! The long shot rankings are here!


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