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Others have chicken drumsticks on the table and cabbage on their own plate. A young coach suddenly rushed to the cafeteria window, grabbed the chicken drumstick, and started chewing, saying, "I will eat! I will eat!" The girl beside him complained, "Why is this man like this?"


When you sit on a sofa chair in a movie theater and look up at this section of "Win the Championship", the image of "Chen Zhonghe" originally portrayed in the movie will add or reduce points in your heart?


The younger generation may not know enough, from sweeping the world in the 1980s to the past few years


致陈可辛:“笑帅”陈忠和为中国女排奉献数十载 历史应该铭记功臣

Shima Town, Longhai City, Fujian Province, the hometown of Chen Zhonghe, is also home to many celebrities, such as the first female president of the Philippines Corazon Aquino, the famous writer Xu Dishan, or the first world swimming champion Wu Chuanyu of New China. It is not too much to say that Longhai City has outstanding people.


Chen Zhonghe’s childhood memories are an old southern Fujian street in Shima Town. The PLA also walked this street when it liberated Longhai. After the reform and opening up, the old street has been preserved and its old appearance has been changed to a new one, but it still has the authentic taste of southern Fujian.


Chen Zhonghe's father worked as a crew member and chief engineer, alone supporting the entire family's expenses. Chen Zhonghe is the youngest of the four brothers and sisters, and his "little son" is naturally loved more. In southern Fujian, there is a saying that "grandparents love grandsons, fathers and mothers love children, and older brothers and sisters let younger siblings" also mean this.


The elder brother's name is "Zhonghe" and the younger brother is "Zhonghe". My father hopes that when the brothers grow up, they will be loyal, dedicated, and treat others peacefully. Chen Zhonghe wrote in his memory: I uphold the family tradition and have a loyal and peaceful personality; at the same time, I am not easy to admit defeat in everything.


This is precisely the regional character of southern Fujian that is "aggressive and not admit defeat". It comes from the popular local cockfighting competitions. Even if the cockfighting is scarred, you have to take part in the soup and fight again. Coincidentally, Chen Zhonghe is a chicken.


The earliest contact with volleyball was because his father was also a volleyball fan. He often took Chen Zhonghe to the park to watch volleyball matches. Encouraged by his father, Chen Zhonghe became the main player of the school volleyball team in elementary school. When he arrived in middle school, Chen Zhonghe had become obsessed with volleyball. It happened that both the eldest sister and brother-in-law were in Longhai No. 2 Middle School. Chen Zhonghe also transferred to join the school team and receive professional volleyball training. It was at this stage that laid the basic skills of regulation for Chen Zhonghe. Volleyball also helped Chen Zhonghe grow his body. In middle school, Chen Zhonghe was a big man with slender limbs.


致陈可辛:“笑帅”陈忠和为中国女排奉献数十载 历史应该铭记功臣

The talented Chen Zhonghe was quickly selected into the Zhangzhou volleyball team. He met coach Xu Lianpu, the first-generation Chinese national player. The experience of coach Xu from Longhai all the way to the national team made Chen Zhonghe fascinated. "When coach Xu trains for each person, he demonstrates his actions separately and patiently explains the technical essentials. He is obsessed with volleyball and his actual training style makes me unforgettable." These are Chen Zhong and the future coaching style. Foreshadowed.

才华横溢的陈忠和很快被选入漳州排球队。他遇到了第一代中国国家球员徐连璞教练。从Long海一直到国家队的徐教练的经历都使陈忠和着迷。 “当徐教练为每个人训练时,他会分别展示自己的动作并耐心地讲解技术要领。他沉迷于排球,他的实际训练方式使我难忘。”这些bob最新官网是陈忠和未来的教练风格。预示着。

In the winter of 1976, Yuan Weimin became the coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team, and Chen Zhonghe graduated from high school. But due to not being tall enough, he couldn't enter the gate of the professional team. At that time, there was no "free man" rule in volleyball. He can only go to the countryside.


One year later, a turning point appeared-Fujian Youth


In the era when there was no "free man" rule, Chen Zhonghe could only act as a substitute, taking the initiative to send water and towels to his teammates. After hard training, his net jump reached 100 centimeters, but many people asserted that he was too short to make a team. At that time, the Fujian first team assembled Wang Jiawei, Zheng Zongyuan, Xu Zhen, Guo Ming and other national players, basically half of the national team.


"I don't care about this, I try my best every time I try." Chen Zhonghe didn't care about the eyes of others. His efforts slowly moved a team of coach Xu Wenxin-relying on the small "Xia San Lu" to win. During the training, Chen Zhonghe laughed and said that he had been trained the most miserably. The difficulty of being "individual training" alone in the back row was far more difficult than the competition.


In the first team, Chen Zhonghe and Fujian Men's Volleyball Team won the National Men's Volleyball League Championship. "I just relied on the advantage of being'short' to enter the professional first-team. The position is very unstable and may be eliminated at any time. But life itself is a challenge, and there is a sense of crisis everywhere. This kind of hard work and hard work is even more challenging. ."

在第一阵容中,陈忠和和福建省男排获得了全国男排联赛冠军。 “我只是依靠'空缺'的优势进入职业一线队。这个职位非常不稳定,随时都可能被淘汰。但是生活本身就是挑战,到处都有危机感。这艰苦的工作和艰辛的工作更具挑战性。”

致陈可辛:“笑帅”陈忠和为中国女排奉献数十载 历史应该铭记功臣

In 1978, the National Sports Commission formally mobilized, volleyball must dare to win the world championship. Yuan Weimin proposed to be accompanied by a powerful men's team to forge the Chinese women's volleyball team. After seeing Chen Zhonghe's performance in the national competition, Yuan Weimin gave Chen Zhonghe the opportunity to wear a jersey with "China" printed on it. That year, Chen Zhonghe was 22 years old.


At the beginning, Chen Zhonghe was seconded to the Chinese Women's Volleyball Team as a sparring period for 45 days. Who could have imagined that the relationship with the women's volleyball team will be forged, and it will last nearly 30 years.


Regarding "Guide Xiao Chen", it is indeed the title of the more senior and taller women's volleyball national player who gave Chen Zhonghe back then. It is also the "invention" of captain Sun Jinfang, a casual title and an inadvertent response, decades later. Became a label of Chen Zhonghe.


This team is the birthplace of the "Women's Volleyball Spirit" that is now talked about. Chen Zhonghe recalled that he also slowly realized that the extremely hard training and super strict management back then were actually a tempering of will. In a sense, what is the spirit of the women's volleyball team? Chen Zhonghe is one of the people who have the most say.


Under strict training, Chen Zhonghe, who has a gentle personality, became the "punching bag" for the women's volleyball girls. For example, "When I was picking up the ball, I deliberately pretended to be'accidentally' and threw the ball at me, watching my inexplicable appearance after being smashed, but pretending to be nonchalant, and then laughed."


"Sometimes, after training, I looked for clothes to wear, only to find that someone had deliberately hid my clothes so that I could find them. Seeing that I couldn't find the clothes in a hurry, they stood beside them laughing.


Or, "Coach Yuan Weimin asked the girls to play a "posting game". The whole team (always) treats me as a female player. Others can post on me, but I am embarrassed to lean on them, so I often have to be punished. They just laughed and said:'Guide Xiao Chen, you are a female, don't you know?'"


Looking back at these things now, it is not so much a teasing, as it is a fighting friendship that only exists within the team. Chen Zhonghe's gentleness and "willingness" convinced the girls.


As for technically imitating the world's strong teams, Chen Zhonghe watched videos at night and played trials during the day. Japan’s Egami Yumi and Yokoyama Juri, US team’s Hyman, Cuba’s Louis, and Chen Zhonghe all imitated carefully.

至于技术上模仿世界强队的技术,陈忠和在夜间观看视频,并在白天进行比赛。日本的Egami Yumi和Yokoyama Juri,美国队的Hyman,古巴的Louis和Chen Zhonghe都在认真模仿。

"Athletes are too bitter, and they are locked in the base all day long. Every time they practice, they have purple lips, disheveled hair, and sweating all over... I think I'm a sparring practice. It's okay to be a little bit tired." 45 days passed, most of them After training and returning to the team, Yuan Weimin found Chen Zhonghe: "The team is going to keep you."

“运动员太苦了,整日都被困在了基地。每次练习时,他们的嘴唇都是紫色,头发蓬乱,到处都是汗...我认为我是对练。这是可以的有点累。” 45天过去了,大多数人经过培训并返回团队,袁伟民找到了陈忠和:“团队将留住您。”

致陈可辛:“笑帅”陈忠和为中国女排奉献数十载 历史应该铭记功臣

From 1979 to 1984, Chen Zhonghe worked under Yuan Weimin for five full years and experienced training and competitions in the "three consecutive championships" era. Later, he worked as a training partner and assistant coach under Deng Ruozeng, Hu Jin, Su Xiaofeng, and Lang Ping for more than ten years.


At first, due to restrictions on the number of places to go abroad, women were banned from the country to compete, and Chen Zhonghe could only watch TV in China. He said that this is the most uncomfortable.


Once, when a female was discharged from the country to compete, the local overseas Chinese gave each of them a coat as a gift. The team members voluntarily pooled together money to buy the same one to take home and gave it to Chen Zhonghe.


"The old women's volleyball team is a group of heroes I admire. In my mind, they will always be my role model for learning."


With Lang Ping, Liang Yan and others retiring one after another, the Chinese women's volleyball team has never been able to win the championship since the end of the 1980s and has fallen into a 20-year low. During this period, Lang Ping led the team to win the silver medal in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and the runner-up in the 13th Women's Volleyball World Championship-the two closest to the championship.

随着郎平,梁艳等人的相继退休,中国女排自1980年代末以来就再也无法夺冠,如今已跌至20年低点。在此期间,郎平(Lang Ping)带领球队在1996年亚特兰大奥运会上获得银牌,并在第13届女排世界冠军赛中获得亚军,这是与冠军最接近的两个。

The 2000 Sydney Olympics stopped in the quarterfinals. Who should be the coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team? At that time, the main candidates among the candidates were: the previous national team coach Hu Jin, Bayi team Lin Yuting, Shanghai team Cai Bin, Liaoning team Yue Jinku, and Chen Zhonghe. There was a saying from the outside world: this women's volleyball team can't be carried by anyone.


In an interview with a media company many years later, Chen Zhonghe recalled: "When my superiors talked to me, I also recommended Hu Jin. I fell down and gave me another chance."


The leader asked, do you have confidence to bring it to you. Chen Zhonghe recalled: "Of course I have confidence. I think I should be the most suitable at that time."


Appropriate, because Chen Zhonghe has personally experienced the rise and fall of the Chinese women's volleyball team in the past 20 years. He knows where every problem lies, and he also knows where the glory of the year comes from. On the other hand, Chen Zhonghe did not have enough coaching experience.


There is a saying in the Hokkien dialect: "There is something to see, but there is nothing to think for yourself!"


He played low-key, low-key selection, low-key appointment. I still remember that when he just took office that year, facing the media in public, he showed his signature smile: "Give me more time."


Recalling that year, he wrote in his memories that no matter what you do, you should say less and do more, maintain a normal heart, and let the flow go. He slowly figured out where the Chinese women's volleyball team lost, and got a clue to form a brand new "Chinese women's volleyball team."


致陈可辛:“笑帅”陈忠和为中国女排奉献数十载 历史应该铭记功臣

"Focusing on the new and promoting the new with the old", Chen Zhonghe teamed up with this concept and clarified the strict training requirements for large amounts of exercise. From the first training in April 2001 to the Athens Olympics in the summer of 2004, he only had three years to complete team formation, run-in and improvement.


It takes courage to use newcomers, because newcomers will inevitably have to "pay tuition." For example, Feng Kun, who is tall and tall, was chosen as a setter, but he was ridiculed by the outside world as "I don't know Taishan". However, Chen Zhonghe firmly believes in the importance of "air supremacy" in modern volleyball, and firmly believes that training can improve or even transform the skills of players.


Compared with the smooth transition of mainly veterans, Chen Zhonghe obviously chose the "HARD mode." In addition to strict training, he also valued strict management and laid down "27 military regulations" covering all aspects of the team's "eating, dressing, housing, and transportation".

与主要是退伍军人的平稳过渡相比,陈忠和显然选择了“ HARD模式”。除了接受严格的培训外,他还重视严格的管理,并制定了“ 27项军事法规”,涵盖了团队“饮食,穿衣,住所和交通”的各个方面。

These 27 items include: coaches and athletes cannot make and receive calls, cannot meet guests, cannot bring mobile phones and pagers into the training ground during training, and must be turned off during lunch break and night; team members must dress uniformly, cannot wear accessories, cannot dye their hair, or have strange hairstyles; Eating should not be wasted, and be polite to fans, etc.


The most powerful of the rules is that the coaches and the athletes must follow them.


"The task of the head coach is to take the overall situation, gather everyone together to the greatest extent, and forge powerfully, so that they can turn into a sharp sword in the game and make a single blow."


For the first military training in Chenzhou, the whole team visited the elementary school in a poor mountainous area and saw the children carrying food rations to school. They only brought a bottle of pickles from home a week, and several people squeezed a shop to sleep. The team members were deeply moved and saved 50,000 yuan to buy stationery and prepaid tuition for one year. I don't know if 19 years have passed, whether these children still remember.


致陈可辛:“笑帅”陈忠和为中国女排奉献数十载 历史应该铭记功臣

He made his debut in the Four Nations Tournament as a coach, and Chen Zhonghe led the team to win over Japan and Cuba. Since then, in Taicang, Jiangsu and Songjiang, Shanghai, he led the team to 7 matches and 6 wins. Newcomers Yang Hao, Zhou Suhong, Song Nina, Liu Yanan and others performed well. At the end of the year, the Chinese women's volleyball team swept the Asian teams and won the Asian Championship. His "double freeman" tactics are still talked about by many volleyball fans.


During this period, the young team also lost games that shouldn't be lost, which was questioned by the outside world. Chen Zhonghe encouraged the players: Don't be discouraged when a strong team fails to lose to a weak team. Eagles sometimes fly lower than chickens, but chickens can never exceed the height of the eagle.


From the outside world, Chen Zhong's gentle personality was criticized by the outside world. But in fact, Chen Zhonghe, who was extremely strict in training, scolded many players.


Two years after taking office, the Chinese women's volleyball team finally regained the World Cup championship. Chen Zhonghe's assistant, Lai Yawen, a famous Chinese women's volleyball player in the 1990s, stayed in the dressing room alone after the game, tears bursting into his eyes.


As the world's top star, Lai Yawen failed to win a championship in his player career. As an assistant, she accepted the invitation without hesitation and helped Chen Zhonghe in the team in every detail. In 2003, she finally wore the late gold medal. The Chinese women's volleyball team, who had been holding back for more than 10 years, finally climbed out of the trough. Chinese volleyball finally rushed out of the water and took a breath of oxygen.

赖亚文作为世界顶级球星,在职业生涯中未能赢得冠军。作为助理,她毫不犹豫地接受了邀请,并在团队的各个方面帮助了陈忠和。 2003年,她终于戴上了已故的金牌。拖了十多年的中国女排终于从低谷爬出来。中国排球终于冲出水面,吸了一口氧气。

致陈可辛:“笑帅”陈忠和为中国女排奉献数十载 历史应该铭记功臣

The biggest question Chen Zhonghe faced was probably the "hand-off storm" of the World Championships coming out of the bench lineup, but in fact, the choice of the Chinese women's volleyball team did not go beyond the rules and there was no negative competition.


But back then, this incident put a lot of pressure on Chen Zhonghe and the team. In the dimension beyond the level of rules, it is not surprising that the result of falling into controversy. Chen Zhong and himself also reflected. In that competition, the Chinese women's volleyball team entered the semifinals as expected to complete the pre-match tasks, but in the end it was only fourth.


At the end of that year, people thought that Chen Zhonghe or the Chinese women's volleyball team would be criticized by their superiors, but none of this happened. Chen Zhonghe may be comforted, but the trend of public opinion is not so easy to calm down.


Some voices said that after this incident, the relationship between the women's volleyball team and the coach dropped to a freezing point. But in fact, after returning to China on the Mid-Autumn Festival, the women's volleyball girls deliberately ordered a bunch of flowers and a big cake to give Chen Zhonghe a huge surprise.


Zhou Suhong wrote: "There are so many people who love you, you are the happiest person in the world!" Mid-Autumn Festival is actually Chen Zhonghe's birthday. Chen Zhonghe, who was under tremendous pressure at the time, didn't even plan to celebrate with anyone.


He wrote in his memory: At that time, I seemed to see the pure and sincere hearts of the players beating. After blowing the candles, my nose suddenly sore, and I quickly walked away. I know that if I stay for another minute, tears may flow down my eyes.


After avoiding, I faced the sky alone, asking and answering myself: What a nice girl! What should i do? What should the Chinese women's volleyball team do now?


致陈可辛:“笑帅”陈忠和为中国女排奉献数十载 历史应该铭记功臣

The 2004 Athens Olympics was the most important battle for Chen Zhonghe to lead the Chinese women's volleyball team. Winning the World Cup did not make the Chinese women's volleyball the biggest favorite of the Olympics.


In addition to the intensive training, Chen Zhonghe sacrificed a familiar pattern-fighting against the men's volleyball team. This time, the sparring team became a game of real swords and guns, and it was a continuous battle in different places. The reason for this choice is based on the characteristics of the Olympic opponents' "sharp offensive and strong blocking ability".


In order to simulate the Olympics, he learned that it is an hour's drive from the Athens Olympic Village to the volleyball stadium, and decided to take the whole team for a one-hour bus ride before each warm-up match.


Many people don’t know how difficult the Olympics was. Not only did the Chinese women’s volleyball team focus on various opponents, but also the famous player Zhao Ruirui was injured for half a year. He fell behind 0:2 in the final, and everyone knows the adversity before the counterattack. .

许多人不知道奥运会有多难。中国女排不仅关注各种对手,而且著名球员赵瑞瑞也受伤了半年。他在决赛中落后于0:2,每个人都知道在反攻之前的逆境。 。

The title of "Smiling Coach" is precisely the deepest memory Chen Zhonghe left the world after this classic final. In the face of desperation, Chen Zhonghe was not as excited as the "Carpoli" in the eyes of old fans, he still smiled gently. If gentleness is a knife, Chen Zhonghe successfully removed the last piece of burden on the women's volleyball team.


When Russia took a 14-11 lead in the deciding game, Chen Zhonghe called a timeout and arranged for Zhang Ping to play a time difference. As a result, Zhang Ping did not kill his opponent. The next three balls were given to Zhang Yuehong at the fourth position. In the end, the final word.


"Before I set off in Athens, my friend asked me who was the Raider. I thought it was Zhang Yuehong. I didn't expect that she had the most weighty goal in the final. To be honest, I didn't even fall behind 0-2. Nervous, but the last ball, I was really nervous."


Zhang Yuehong patted the floor excitedly, and Yang Hao was the first to rush into the court. The Chinese women's volleyball team created a huge miracle. When he returned to the top, he smiled and moistened his eyes.


致陈可辛:“笑帅”陈忠和为中国女排奉献数十载 历史应该铭记功臣

Today, all Chinese volleyball fans may lament that it was a great surprise to win the Athens Olympics, and it is a great pity that the Beijing Olympics failed to win.


Injury is an objective problem that Chen Zhonghe had to face in the two years after Athens. He has also reflected on the training method, but standing at the peak of 2004, he can never assume a if: What if he didn't win in 2004? If you have to make assumptions, the best way is: if the "golden generation" accompanies him to the end.


He had to hire new people, but it turned out that it was not easy to grind and merge. Chen Zhonghe recalled the Beijing Olympics on many occasions, and people talked about him leaving the handsome position sadly, but there are indeed rare voices criticizing him.


"Actually, I was more confident than Athens in the Beijing Olympics. If I think the probability of winning the championship in Athens is 49 to 51, then Beijing is 51 to 49. The players played very well. Unfortunately, I did not do well. The responsibility lies with me."


Some people say that the Beijing Olympics only got third place for Chen Zhonghe to cut points. But where is the winning general?


He himself also said: "Pursue is a positive attitude towards life, it is a beautiful process of self-sublimation. But what you are pursuing may not be completely obtained as you wish."


致陈可辛:“笑帅”陈忠和为中国女排奉献数十载 历史应该铭记功臣

Chen Zhonghe really likes the song "If you love to fight to win", he took the lead in singing this song more than once in the team or other activities. The interpretation of Hokkien in Hokkien is unique.


Lang Ping said that Chen Zhonghe’s greatest success lies in his ability to dig out more than 20 years of coaching experience and reflect it on the court.


Chen Zhonghe has been fighting on the front line for more than 20 years. For most of the previous time, he was a witness to the spirit of the women's volleyball team and an unknown cultivator. When the Chinese women's volleyball team was in trouble, he was "accepted by the defeated army and ordered to be in crisis." From five consecutive championships to today's Lang Ping era, he has made an indispensable contribution.


It is hard to say that Chen Zhonghe represents the spirit of the women's volleyball team, but his experience and story are an excellent angle to interpret the spirit of the women's volleyball team. Just like Sun Jinfang said: "The spirit of the women's volleyball team is not representative of any individual, but the spirit of a nation. As witnesses, we not only have to maintain it, but also hope to pass it on from generation to generation. No matter what changes happen, the spirit of the women's volleyball team will not disappeared."


At the time when the movie "Win the Championship" was released, the name of Chen Zhonghe was mentioned again. Someone wrote a limerick for him, which is quite interesting:


The daughter-in-law has become a wife


A monstrous wave that shook the world.


Who will reflect on the Seventeenth Spring and Autumn Period?


The talent turned out to be Chen Zhonghe!


致陈可辛:“笑帅”陈忠和为中国女排奉献数十载 历史应该铭记功臣